About The Host

A headshot of Katie Miller. She looks at the camera with a straight face. Katie is a white woman in her 30s with pale skin, light blue eyes, and purple and silver hair that is half up and half down. She wears a baby blue button up shirt over a tank top and stands in front of a fingerpainting in rainbow colors, made by one of her chidlren.

Katie Miller is a mother, creator, and self-proclaimed funny gal living and working northern Vermont. The very first time she heard a podcast, about a decade ago, she proclaimed “that is the thing. That is the thing I want to do.”

Being the planner she is, Katie waited until she had the right theme to focus her creative efforts on. One day during her commute, it struck. While stopped at a stop light, she could hear an infant wailing in a nearby car. She turned her head to the left, and was met with a scene far too familiar: Another woman, presumably a mom, with bags under her eyes, on the verge of tears, looking like she hadn’t slept in days. Each of the women had a cup of coffee in their non-steering hand. They exchanged a nod, raised their cups filled with jingling ice, and went on their way.

And in that very moment, the Cold Brew Salute was born.

Outside of this podcast, Katie is a writer and local non-profit leader. She loves trashy reality television, being creative, gardening, and pie. Her favorite sound in the entire world is when both of her children laugh simultaneously. She once designed and tested a (extremely scientific and detailed) rating system to find the perfect creemee. She is passionate about inclusion. Katie is an extrovert who suddenly found herself parenting in a pandemic without a village she craved, which is why she started this podcast and an instagram account as a safe and positive space for herself and other parents

A pair of polariods next to eachother, one is framed in white, the other black. Both are black and white images of a woman holding an infant near her belly.

Katie’s other creative endeavors include dabbling in art of all kinds, painting along to old Bob Ross videos, and writing. She is currently picking away on writing a collection of essays. You can read some of Katie’s writing on the Vermont Moms Collective.