Season 1, Episode 02


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Show Notes

A man, woman, and child stand on a city sidewalk. The man wears a black beret and holds a paint palette. THe woman holds a gold frame in front of the baby's face.

Katie sits down with… Katie? Katie Wessels, that is!

A lifelong Ohioan, Katie W. and her family of four relocated to Vermont this past summer in pursuit of adventure. Her social work career has led to jobs in advocacy centers, hospitals, and education, but her most challenging gig yet has been parenting toddlers in a pandemic. In the rare few moments she gets to herself, she enjoys trolling Facebook Marketplace for plant cuttings, treasure hunting in secondhand stores, and podcasting with her bestie at Narrative Therapy: An Animated Conversation.

Part memoir, part psychosocial education, and part self-reflective analysis, high school best friends Kat Morse and Katie Wessels reunite to reflect on our relationships with children’s animated films and with each other.

After leaving her job to care for her children during the pandemic, Katie Wessels found herself using her clinical skills to assess and analyze characters and themes in children’s animated films. Like, what’s going on with Sid from Toy Story? Is he really a “psycho”? (Spoiler alert: we don’t think so!) Her friend Kat’s husband works for DreamWorks and helped the pair figure out a cross-country set up to record, edit, and produce the show. And Narrative Therapy Podcast was born! More of the origin story is captured on their blog and the first ten episodes of Season 1 are available wherever you get your podcasts.

Katie’s Instagram – @mrs.katiemiller

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