Season 01, Episode 01


Show Notes

A pen and ink cartoon style drawing. Two figures are at the left, one of them holds a dog. It reads "we all got pooped on in a single instant. all. one fell poop. despite this, kept parenting. and kept baby,

In the first-ever episode of Cold Brew Salute, Katie chats with her best friend Hillary Boone Orsini. The two talk about what all parents inevitably talk about: poop horror stories. They also explore the relentlessness of parenting, Katie shares a controversial opinion on the Frozen franchise, and they laugh about a future career choice. 

Hillary is a comedian and nonprofiteer. They grew up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and after traveling the country and some of the world, they came back to their home state to raise a family. Hillary loves gardening, adventures outside, and coffee.

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